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An Artists interpitation of a trio of reptilians


The Reptilians also called (Draconians, Reptoids, and Annunaki[but it is not known if they are the same species) are a race of ancient reptilian beings that form the basis of modern global conspiracy theories and Ufology.

History and OriginsEdit

The Reptilians are a mysterious race of beings, their homeworld and origins are unknown but abductees often say the Reptilians claim earth is their homeword and rightfully belongs to them but this could be a manipulative lie as the Reptilians as a race are known to be very self centered and manipulative race with a speciest view that they are the most superior species that have ever existed and all other species that have ever existed are no more than cattle to be herded and enslaved. This makes the Reptilians both feared, hated and respected throughout the known Universe. The First known encounter with these mysterious beings was that of police officer Herbert Schirmer, of Ashland Nebraska who claims that he was abucted by beings with a slight reptilian physique. Mr.Schirmer also said that the beings bore a winged serpent emlbem on the left side of their chests.